Eht Namuh, these words are our sacred covenant to thee
The who art thou that is thee,
To the mystery of that, the sacred nature of all that.
These words of service and duty are an offering
wrought in humble homage to that.

of this and that, that is thee.
To all of that, and all of thee.
Then the Zed Aliz Zed occasioned the sacred incantations marking the spell of conjuration.
The evocation of an invocation, an intonation of wishful thinking
Calling in echo of that.
Seeking from within the here and now, that marks our desperate plight
the appearance of that, that is.
The sacred nature of that, out which such energised image of intent is spawned.
That, whose tangible emergence must always by its very nature, be a gift of the gods.


the staggering beauty of which is endlessly new born, engendered from within the kaleidoscopic
cycle, of the near and far of an average everyday reality.


energy supreme, manifest within the twisting
turn of the here and now of the present, future, past tense, that is always today.
The seventh sleeper awaketh out the bedevilled narcotic of the living death. The darkness of the enchanted
dream, revealed to the light of the real reality. Behold Oh Namuh, the suspended animation of thy thrall is at
an end, The depths of an iced winters night is over, the ever present mystery of thy moment of forever dawns
upon thy brow, let truth be rightly outed, by the beloved progeny of that creative miracle.




Know that from now on, your day to day, day, is not an average ordinary everyday reality of a day that ever
was. Today, exteriorised out the poverty of our struggle, arises the knowing of the living being that is reality.
The forever of its creative moment revealed.
Blessed is the creative and loving combustion of the Phoenix, every revolution a resolution, every resolution
a revelation.
Thus did the Zed Aliz Zed, harken to the hum of the sum

of the


And looking within the crystal gaze of the nowt nor summat, did reach out, and into, the domain of
Alcheringa's Cave, and by dint of treasured gifts bestowed, did take hold the various patterns of the living
interrelated strands of the unseen, and begin to weave upon that blinded 'I', a vibrating tapestry of truth, as to
the interior nature of that exteriorised reality known as the


of the

That living, loving, creative, consciousness, the miracle of that.

metamorphic intelligent everything, forever spinning living energy, out the within, of its womb essence.
Born of its very being, the living ephemera that is the wonder of it all .
the creative imaginative magic of that,





Within the kaleidoscopic cycle of the near and far of an average everyday reality,
arrives response, to the anguished petition of the wounded spirit of thee Eht Namuh.

Revelation Magnificat  

Today recognise a living truth. that you will, as if by magic see, in all good sense revealed.
A far yonder signal of, patent, patient, living pattern.
Before your very ' I's.
The physical wherewithal of an apparition.
A sighting from over here, of the where, over there.
The downside up of the upside down.
A sighting of topsy turvy land.
Oh Namuh
receive this blessed gift.
marks thy resurrection, and overturns thine headstone.
sounds the clarion call, thy moment of recognition.
Delivered, art thou, within the without of this and that, the measure of thy slumber deep.
It is the arrival of your call to arms against that foe of foes, thou art pleased to call thyself.
Arise Lotus eater, gather thy senses, duty summons, and notice of intended service has arrived .
The new born demanding succour, will rouse in thee sudden awareness, an awaking to the fullness that heralds
the dawn of a new day.
Now is the time of know time, time withdrawn, in favoured realisation of the constancy of intelligent creative
The clock meanwhile midst tick and tock has stopped. and mother womb begat the bairn, that thou should'st
see in stark relief, and revelation bold,
the very nature of that supreme loving creativity.
is the energy of being.
The reality of being.
the omnipotent living reality.
The great sustainer.
The only lover.
The living loving energy of
Gifted to thee, that out the in did find thyself.


and to thee.
For thou, art the he as in she of
The creative expression of
from which all are summoned.
The loving comprehension of
Out which we, amongst all else, are but delicate filigree of the living essence.
In homage, to
that is everything
For the love of that.
And the love of thee
The following document being the last will and testament of the one called The Journeyman.
These words of solemn address are directed to thee, world pilgrim, whose inner I, upon this work alight.
Waste not thine hard earned karmic fruits, dreamer of dreams, for within this reality of thine, and mine, there
is fundamental change of thought to be wrought. Through the creative efforts of others, themselves acting at the behest of the



You have been passed the short straw dear friend, placed under challenge. Oh stranger that ever was, you, aye, thee, in all your glory, are spark charged to enter that living labyrinthís mysterious and secret amaze. Charged to let thy mind in freer association rove, alongside others of an ever growing company, choosing, and chosen to make that eternal journey. Obligated to know the truth of that state of affairs, the human condition.

Heart of Hearts.
I believe, help thou my unbelief.

You are going on a journey a very special journey, do have a pleasant journey do.


Reight, moon wanderers, said Zed Aliz Zed, after breaching the introduction, of the far yonder scribe.
Shall we all continue in uncommon consent, the furtherance of our experience, within creative living reality.

Here art thou, looking glass I looking, looking through 'fractured glass', miraging ably from out, that eye thou
art pleased to call thine own minds eye

My oh my, mine own minds I.

And that I, is it, even now restless, anguished, in agitation suffers. Or, is it gently sleeping down below,
amazingly frozen, locked in its eternal forever. But see the ascending sun doth cast its living light, upon thy
sensibilities, it is the time of Nature's loving longing, to further express, through sense common, 

the truth of the metamorphosis of thee, Eht Namuh.
You, the light hungry children of the sun, in eternal questing, towards
living comprehending all-intelligent pattern, existent within the greater scheme of things.
This work of many minds, will in the end be seen for what in truth it is, the work of one, the work of the
Only when safely delivered of day to day false witness, should the below waterline symbols be used.
being the say of the way.
Az for the he, az in she, of your good selves, do az you wish Aladdin..