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In Time, Rabbit Opened A Door Which Wast One To Show The Earth, Yet Naught Couldst Beeth Seen Into It...

Into The Great Door Entered Naught But Blackness,
And Nay, Couldst Any Be Seen Through The Door But Darkness,

And Then, Came A Voice Forth The Back Of Rabbit,
Spake He, In Sound Of Sorrow,
Twas Indeed, A Man; Whose Forthcoming Hath Not Been Known:

Rabbit: “Who Art Thee?”

Man: “Rabbit, Shall Ye Beeth Ever Free Of That Question? I Art A He With Neither Name Nor Affiliation To Which Ye Ascribe...”

Rabbit: “Shall Ye Saith Not Thence? Of Thou And Thyne Being?...”

Man: “Ye Being, Of Existence’s Bosom. Once, As Ye Doth Now, Entered I, The Door Before Ye. Came I, Forth A Place Far Beyond Any Of These Darker Doors, Through Craft And Knowledge. Wise Wast I, Yet Evermore Didst I Stumble...”

Thence Slowed The Voice, And Faded Didst The Darkness. So Couldst Then, Inside The Room Beeth Seen:

Man: “Dear Rabbit, Came I, Unto A Place In All My Life’s Lives Didst Never I Seen. Twas It A Planet Of Infinite Diversity... Saw I, Neither Light Lords, Nor Dark Lords; So Neither Lords, Nor Snakes... Saw I Fully Lost Men, Who Dwelled In The Houses The Gods Once Built; Before The Fall... Saw I, Men Who, Thought Only For They, And Made Others Suffer.
Stood I, Afore All They Men, Only Watching,
And Weeping Endlessly,
For, Saw I Those Men Who Stole Food From The Starving People,
And They Who Married Ignorance; Though Knowing Naught Of It...

Yet Rabbit, My Heart Fell Evermore As I Watched,
Saw I, Starving Peoples Who, Gave They Food For The Other Starving Peoples,
And I Saw The Old Die, So The Young Couldst Live,
And Saw I, Peoples, Who, Despite All Hardship And Logic To Do Otherwise, Gave They Hearts To Others:
Men, Who Didst Beautiful Actions, And Always Strived For Better:

Those Who Starved, Yet Gave They Last Food To Others;
All Rabbit, In A Planet Of Darkness...
Ignorant, Of The Beauty That Couldst Be,...

And As Watched I, Didst Mine Heart Fall,
Fall Not Below, As Doth Whence One Beeth In Anger,
Yet Fall Into Love’s Swift Ocean,

Experienced Didst I Rabbit, Thing That Cannst Beeth Spake,

And As He Man Spake, So Listened Didst Rabbit, Silently, And Without Disturbance...

Man: “Saw I, The Snakes, Who Were Sent There,
Commanded By Eagle To Strangle The People,
And All Rabbit, Cried,
Both Snakes And The Peoples,
For None Desire Hate Nor Pain,
Though All For Its Purposes...”

Rabbit: “Why, Man, Didst Stay Ye At Such A Place?...”

And Smiled Didst The Man, And Wept,

Man: “Always, Hast It Well Been Known To They Who Know: Above For Gods, Layeth Below, And Above For Man Layeth Above...
For Is The Nature Of THE;
Thing Made In Opposites...

Gods Mayth Exist, Who Wouldst Kill Man Out Of Hate, If Weret They Again;
Though Childs Of Tiny Men There Beeth, Who Wouldst Share And Love With They Gods,

Childs Of Tiny Men There Beeth, Who Wouldst Kill Gods Out Of Hate,
Though Gods There Mayth Beeth, Who Wouldst Share And Love With They Men,

So Art The Dynamics Of Opposites,...


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