Mystery Of The Seven Sages

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Mystery Of The Seven Sages

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The Seven Sages in Ancient Myths And Legends

In ancient myths and legend we often encounter the mention of the Seven Sages.
These extraordinary wise men are present in the myths and legends of Egypt, Babylon, Sumer, China, ancient
Greece and India.
Who were these people and why were they so important to our ancestors?

The Apkallu - The Demi-Gods Who Were The Seven Sages.
In Babylonian myths and legends they are referred to as 'Apkallu'. These beings are described as Demi-gods
created by the God Enki. Their duty was to establish culture and give civilisation to mankind.

They served as priests I'd Enki and as advisors or sages to the earliest kings of Sumer before the flood.


The Apkallu were fish-like men who emerged from the water Abzu, the primeval sea below the void
space of the underworld (Kur) and the earth (Ma) above.

The Apkallus are referred to in several Sumerian myths in cuneiform literature.

In the Erra Epic, Marduk specifically asks for the Seven Sages by saying " Where are the Seven Sages of the
Apsu, the pure puradu fish, who just as their Lord Ea, have been endowed with sublime wisdom.? ... gends/amp/
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