More senseless poems

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More senseless poems

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They’re write me a fool, for a fate of fates I’ve always dualed.
Leaning in and out of a divine state that waits, looking for me in and out
I wish to gift a dish for those teachers here who have given me lift. A service unheard of full of my own fraction of divine action.
Given a lantern to lead, as a martyr I bleed, my friends are satyrs I believe.
I’ve been obnoxious here to say the least, almost too toxic to be in trust of a steed, friends with me to the end, almost more than family as they caused my mental to bend and extend.
I know the state, the plate that induces the great gate. I step in and I step out, I let petty emotion in and then, I let it out. As a wave passes through a levee, as a haze is Smokey and is so very.
All ritual all poem all “fictional” all who know him. Is but an access point for the mass to anoint. For you to open and see and be as free as the breeze on a sea, all is the one, the hall invites fun, your word is a gun, let it free, let it run.
You are a god you are a drop, you are tall you are a flop.
Either path, no more wrath, I’ve found what many before hath, in the water of Christ I take my bath to set my right, to ignite my bright, and let live life
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