Physical and spiritual in Dance

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Physical and spiritual in Dance

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All thing, in co-adjunction, winding and corkscrew spinning. Bird eats a seed, defecates so it may grow elsewhere, to where that tree will grow and make way for offspring and nest for that bird and it’s descendants. Bacteria and microbes eat the leftover plant and defecate material.
All designed to work with each other, for creativity for prosperity, for adventure and travel. To see many lands, to transform the lands within and thus so outside.
All men should write autobiographies, a story is within us all, you’d be surprised by how many similar experiences all share, how they’d connect and make us feel there’s always good things the world when one may need them most.
Even when one is dance with the nebulae, in love with the cosmos, of its design, of all its inhabitants, one also is equally struck by community and friendship, you look beyond that veil for the first time, many times than not the first thing a man thinks of is his friends and family, not to leave them behind, to secure a spot for them in heaven etc.
If that doesn’t encapsulate some of the fundamentals of mans reaction with the divine, then I suppose I am a fool in your eyes.
What’s the point of viewing heaven if no companion to romp and rant with about on the subject? Someone who shares your humor and maybe lust for knowledge. Maybe you don’t even know why you truly enjoy your friends company until one comment makes you realize why.
Humans, spirits, “aliens”. Despite species, space, time, it is truly love that transcends all, I have an issue with an overactive visual mind, here I see us all like that dogs playing poker pairing, sitting in the lobby of a grand library, bouncing ideas off each in playful and cheerful conversation. All consumed in awe yet zen, amazement yet an acknowledgement that was always there, that forces beyond us exists, and it’s always been waiting for us.
As I’ve made a covenant before I make another to help ppl think and evolve clearly. A lantern to lead, a body upon my mighty steed
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