Bloodied axes

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Bloodied axes

Post by O.P.A.L »

Thy shield in hand, i ready my axe
To see the vast ocean, so pleasantly
The hills and trees grow ever so near
To hear the cries of burdened souls
Pleas for savior
Cries for help
I smile and chant, fellow brethren follow my call
We lead our army to those that bellow
Thy axe in hand, i ready my shield
Not for those cries, but for the song of war
And as we sing the choir slows
And for the song only the sun glows
Trees danced then withered
Bodies sung, only then they fall
And as the song ends, we look only down

My axe now legendary soaked in crimson red
My shield now perfect, covered in embers
To see the ocean
Oh so vast, we look back only once
The cries have stopped
And so has the song
Only death can be heard, only heat felt
The hills cleaned of sinners
The trees burnt
Thy axe by my side, i lift my shield and scream.
No matter where the stars may take us
We will always find a home
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