The Scales

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The Scales

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Weighed in the ways of days I saw myself
In the daze of death’s haze I was on a shelf
Deemed to be Whole and Good, still floating along the stream as drift wood
Seeing things that I didnt know if I ever should
Realizing now this was essentially good
Constructed a means to receive, a means to go and leave
The man who conquers his ego id and spirit gets caught in between
And thus is taught to ween off the goddesses loving gleam, and taught to beam from the father of all things

It’s all for fun, in the end the world will be done, once had to suffer to know how to love her, a beautiful creation, eternal and maternal emanations

The world will begin to see, the end is near but no need to flee
We are a flea we are the birds in the trees, who loves as a dove flies on a breeze.

I give thanks to my mentors here, for I would have sank into despair and fear, without knowing all around me to hear.

I tasted death, to know what lie beyond and next, now I am on to soar from East to west, helping all I can see the rainbow crest.

All are birds of a feather, all together, under law forever.
We were meant to learn and understand, to navigate the master plan
To enter the gate and meet the man, to open all doors and open as a fan.

Align the divine mind inside, inside mind divine the align.
Align feminine and divine and fashion one immaculate line in time
I leave this site to weave my sight and teach what’s right.
To help and play the cards I’ve been dealt, god does not play dice we are no longer mice. Countless earths like grains of rice, but which one will get the answer right? Will we expand beyond the night? Or sink into our own blight
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