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it has been awhile since i dropped in on this forum. lots has happened. including a pandemic.

as the Website is so....what's the word....esoteric? i find there's quite a variety in opinions on the forums. some believing in the universal good of mankind through love, some bordering on fascist, and others still hoping for some apocalypse. (let it be known that i come in search of those in the first category)

i have come to interpret this website to mean that the concept of "god" exists in everyone, that we are collectively the universe having a conversation with itself, and thus can only truly find peace and greater meaning by accepting and embracing each other, outside of faith, outside of power.

anyway....how do all of you see hope figuring into everything? your outlooks? beliefs? in the context of our current world?

(those who believe in "might makes right" or that anyone has a right to subjugate others...kindly ignore this post, and instead take this time to reflect on why your interactions must focus on power rather than love)
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