A giants feud

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A giants feud

Post by O.P.A.L »

Mountain and tree
Sit quite stably
Atop the earth
They carve a path
To a mountain
They plant a staff

The vines they grew
Under a gazing plea
The suns light, couldnt flee
Forever trying
Then grew a tree that broke the sky
Hid the staff from the suns eye
At first a bounty of shade
Then the pleas had been made

Trodden cove then cave
A giant has made
The fools
The small
A stature unfit to call
Asking for creation
Untrue too all
Begone! the giant said
And so the mountains crawled
And the giant said again
So the men all fled
Begone! the giant cried
Until even the trees swayed
And then the days
All was lost
Before the giants gaze
No matter where the stars may take us
We will always find a home
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